Friday, February 14, 2014

The ABC’s Of Travel in India

A- Apparel: The weather should be cool nights and warm, not hot days.

B- Baggage: Do not bring more than you can comfortably carry, i.e. one larger checked bag and your carry-on case.

C- Customs, Cameras and Communicating: India is a country of diverse cultures and religions. Be a courteous picture taker. If you wish to take a photo of someone, get permission first. Some sites have a charge for cameras or ideo equipment, or it may not be allowed at all. It would be best to tell your family not to expect to hear from you: “No news is good news!”However, you will have access to fax and email at all hotels.

E- Electricity: Hotels may also have adaptors that you can borrow. It would be good to have a “manual” razor and a hairstyle that is easy to manage.

F- Food and Friendship: You will be eating different foods that you are familiar with, and your eating schedule will be different too. You may want to consider packing a few healthy snacks such as jerky, peanut butter, raisins, packs of cheese, crackers etc. As long as the factory seal is not broken you should not have trouble at customs.

The Indians are very hospitable people, they eagerly wait for your visit to India.

G- Gifts: You should bring several small, light items to give to your homestay hosts as gifts. It could be something locally made, or representative of your area.

H-Hospitals: India has excellent private hospitals. Even so, you will want to have a supply of over the counter medications and supplies you may need, plus you will want your doctor to prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic, just in case!

I- Insurance and Insects: We suggest you purchase travel insurance, mainly for the medical and medical evacuation protection.

You will have to insect repellent along. India does have mosquitoes in the area of your travel.

J- Jewellery: It is best to leave expensive jewellery items at home. You may wih to purchase some in India, where they have lovely jewels and semi-precious items, as well as good gold. Hotels do have lock boxes available.

Leaders, Liquor:  If you have any situation you are uncomfortable with please go to your leader for assistance.

It would be extremely inappropriate to “over indulge”. Thank you for being considerate of those around you!

M- Medicines/prescriptions and Money: Always pack ample amount of any necessary prescription medications in your carry-on luggage. Do not put it in checked baggage. Make sure you have something to combat TD(Travelers diarrhea) and the side effects of eating spicy foods!.

You will need only the money you wish to spend on souvenirs and gifts. All meals are included in the cost of your trip. Credit cards may be used for purchase made in department, carpet, and jewellery stores. They will not work for purchases from street venders. Notify your credit card customer service department of your trip to India. This will avoid problems when you wish to use the card. It is also good idea to have a list of your credit card numbers with you, and the phone numbers to call to notify of a lost card.

Q-Questions: If you are unsure of something, ask your group leader or the tour guide.

T- Time change and Toilet paper/tissues: Adjusting yourself with the changes in Indian times is somewhat difficult.

Plan to have your own supply of toilet paper and sanitary protection with you at all times. The hotels will have toilet paper, but private homes may not. Your privacy needs will always be met but it is the best if you have your own supplies.

U/V- Ultra-Violet Rays: Be prepared for the stronger rays of the sun. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen!

W- Water: Do not drink water from the tap-always use bottled water, which will be available in hotels and on the tour bus. Make sure the cap seal is unbroken.

X- Expect: Expect the best from Us.Your expectations will surely be fulfilled by us!

No doubt by the end of the trip u’ll have terms for the missing letters D, J, K, N, O, P, R, S, Y & Z!