Thursday, February 13, 2014

11 Tips To Travel Smooth on A Group Tour

11 Tips To Travel Smooth on A Group Tour
  1. Always book with a trusted travel brand to avoid the risk of departure cancellations.
  2. Check the services of the tour manager and language of communication. A tour manager makes or breaks a tour. Always prefer to have service of tour managers from established and trusted brands.
  3. Check the itinerary in detail and the  inclusion to avoid missing out on any major attraction. Group tours have a fixed itinerary. Ensure you have settled for an itinerary that gives you the best of the inclusion.
  4. Check the quality of hotels provided for accommodation.
  5. Check  the meals included and the choice of meals to ensure you are never left high and dry on tour. Ensure you are satisfied with the meal plans right at the planning stage.
  6. Always avail the early bird offer. Make the most by booking early and availing the early bird offers usually available for limited seats.
  7. Plan it in advance to get a departure date of your choice. Group tours are based on inventories and there is always a risk of running out of seats.
  8. It’s not important to visit as many countries as possible in a given time. Instead, focus on the attractions that the itineraries cover.
  9. Do seek the assistance of your Tour Manager to get the best deals on shopping. The Tour Manager are like your local repository of information; do make the most of your shopping by getting valuable information from them.
  10. Make a list of things to do at leisure for e.g. exploring nightlife and hanging out at nights long before you embark on holiday.
  11. Carry right clothing, adequate foreign exchange and travel light. Ensure you have enough space in your baggage to accommodate all that you shopped for.