Monday, February 17, 2014

Eco Pledge by Shikhar Travels

Shikhar Travels India has always been aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility. For years, it has been working for the benefit of the people and communities of areas/localities where it does its business. 

Shikhar Group of Companies firmly believes that it is their responsibility to provide benefit to the community where they work. Eco-tourism can give a strong boost to development of the natural habitats and help enhance the quality of life among the local communities and therefore it is their commitment…

To employ around 70-90% of the staff from the rural village where we operate our business so as to provide financial benefit to the local community.
To enhance skills of youth of the local community where they operate, they provide regular training to their employees who are from the local community.
Conduct special outings for underprivileged where they arrange complimentary trips to give them an opportunity to experience the various facilities they offer in their Resort.
They make all efforts to preserve the local customs and culture and cuisine and every effort is made to continue on this aspect.

Shikhar firmly focuses on the following…
Keep their travellers well-informed about security issues before, during a trip.
To assist our travellers in an emergency.
Provide advice and alerts throughout the trip.

Eco Pledge
Shikhar Group of Companies makes every effort to see that no disturbance is made to the eco system where we operate our tours. We are committed and therefore signed a Pledge with Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (f which we are founder members), and also with Himalayan Environment Trust, of which our Managing Director is a Trustee.
Limit Deforestation: We will make no open fires and discourage others from doing so, Where water is heated by scarce firewood, we will not use it or use as little of it as possible. Wherever possible, we will choose accommodation that uses kerosene or fuel-efficient firewood stoves.
Plant Saplings: We will take saplings and encourage our tourists to help plant them near our campsites or on the trails.
Non-Bio Degradable Garbage: We will leave campsites clean and take back all non-biodegradable litter to the road head/towns for proper disposal. We will only bury biodegradable food waste.
Keep Local Water Clean: Toilet facilities will be pitched at least 30 meters away from the water source and all waste will be covered properly. We will not allow detergents to be used in streams and springs.
Plants Left in Their Natural Enviornment: We will not take away cuttings, seeds and roots that are illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.
Respect Local Cultures: We will promote the appreciation and preservation of religious places and local villages by never allowing clients to buy religious objects or heirlooms from remote villages.
Alternative Source of Energy for Fuel: Where possible, we will convert to solar power such as solar lanterns, solar cookers etc.
Stationery & Other Publicity Material on Recycled Paper: We will introduce / increase the use of recycled / handmade paper for our stationery and other publicity items such as brochures etc.
Commitment to preserve the Environment:
The pristine beauty of mountains draws everybody’s attention but nobody ever bothers about the non-biodegradable garbage which is often left behind by the tourist and which subsequently affects the beauty of our mountains.

To help clean our mountains, five young professionals from Shikhar Travels India initiated a journey in 2009 to collect the leftovers from tourists. Their journey began from Delhi to Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Gangotri. From here they started the Tapovan trek which continued towards Chirwasa, Bhojwasa and Gaumuk. The collect non-biodegradable garbage was brought back to Shikhar Nature Resort, Uttarkashi from where it was sent for recycling.

Further, Shikhar joined hands with the Forest Department, WWF India and the Agoda village community to clean Dodital Lake and trek route. A four-day expedition was carried out from 8th to 11th November 2010 during which twenty-five sacks of non-biodegradable garbage were collect and sent for recycling. Shikhar also organsied a half day workshop for children of Junior School Agoda Village to teach them about ecology and eco-tourism.
It was a small effort to clean our hills and make people aware about the importance of conserving ecology. Shikhar strongly promotes Eco-tourism and encourage tourist to practice eco-friendly tourism.